Studio Session: Individual Costumers' Casting Photos

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Please type in the gray box below the names of each costume/character that will be photographed.

This rate is dependent upon a minimum of 3 costumes or individuals booking together.*

With this package, you will receive a session in a SoCal studio. 

Please remember this is NOT a "Cosplay" photo shoot.  The photographs that are being shot are designed to get you cast for paid work in the industry.  If you have an Agent or Representation, please have them contact me so I can fill out the appropriate paperwork for your photos.  Your photo session will include full body images with a height chart and color wheel.  All images are color timed for accuracy.  

Your photo session will be shot in a private studio within SoCal.  The price is per costume or character and you just increase the quantity to include a session for all of your costumes.  The full resolution digital images from the photo shoot will be uploaded to a secure online Gallery within 48 hours of the session and will be available for you to download.

All additional costumes during the session are also billed at $100/each.  No other pictures will be taken at the studio then the required submission photos; unless scheduled and booked prior to your session.  If you are interested in additional types of photographs, you can email me or use the Contact form for a separate bid. *The minimum number needed may change based upon the studio the session is scheduled in.

After you have purchased your session(s), you will be contacted to confirm your booking and sent the location and address of your shoot.  A date and time that is convenient for you and the photographer will be chosen.

There will be will be a private or semi-private dressing room at the studio.  If you need help getting into your costume, you will need to bring someone to help you get dressed, I will be unable to help you.  I will not have a repair kit at the studio, so please check your costume the night before to make sure it's perfect.  While I do the very best I can to look for costume inaccuracies, it is very important that you come to the session accurate.  Or have someone check your costume before shooting of your CRL begins.**

If you live outside the SoCal area and want to book a photo shoot, please use the "Contact Me" button so I can provide a special price quote.

This is a discounted rate for costume club members and as a courtesy I am not charging for my time for these sessions. Your rate covers the rental fee of the studio; and offsets my hard costs including the specific materials and camera equipment I had purchased to shoot these specialized photos.


The CRL studio photo session must be paid in full to secure your photo session.

All changes and cancellations must occur 72 hours prior to your scheduled time via email. Otherwise I am automatically billed by the Studio for the time we had originally scheduled.  Cancellations with less than 72 hours will not be refunded.   

Anyone who attends the photo session is required to sign a liability waiver, which can be emailed to you ahead of time or signed onsite. This rate and dates are dependent upon a minimum number of people booking for each date.   

**Mark Edwards Photographer is not responsible for inaccuracies or defects in your costume that show up in the images.  There will be no Photoshop adjustments to any of the images taken.  These images need to stand on their own merits.   If you wish to have any images re-shot, you have to book and pay for a new session.  If the requirements for your casting agency or agent, CRL or costume database guidelines change; then you will have to pay to have your images re-taken.  Mark Edwards Photographer does not guarantee any castings or bookings by the use of your photographs with your agency or costume database.

This page and all of its contents are confidential and cannot be shared with others or on social media.  It is intended strictly for serious customers only. 

Since photographs from CRL photography sessions are usually delivered electronically via download, state sales tax is not collected.  However, if you require physical products like thumb drives or receive printed photographs, California state sales tax is then applicable and calculated based on all fees/costs related to your full price of your portrait session prior to any discounts.

For all cancellations made 72 hours prior to the session, your payment will not be refunded; however, we will reschedule your session upon a time that is convenient for both the photographer and the customer.  A higher priced session maybe offered if the customer cancels.    

The images included in this package are only for your personal, non commercial use, such as your LinkedIn or personal social media profile.  These images cannot be used for commercial purposes, such as marketing for a business, PR, advertising.  Nor can the images be given to any 3rd parties or have any logos places on them.  If you wish to use your images for commercial use, please use the Contact Me button for a revised quote.

Mark Edwards Photographer reserves the right to reschedule your session or cancel and refund your money (minus any fees) if the photographer has an emergency.  You are purchasing my time and expertise so there are no refunds once the photos are taken at the session or for no shows. 

Please read the Terms and Conditions on the website prior to purchasing your session.   By purchasing your session, you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions on the website.