Portrait Retouching

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Portrait Retouching


The way I approach retouching, is to give my clients a healthy, natural look.  Heavily retouched images look fake, and I try to find the natural balance for an image. 


Retouching can include just one or several of the following:


 ·  Evening out complexion, brightening eyes, reducing dark circle and wrinkles, evening out shadows and bright areas, plus color blending for each image. 

  ·  Teeth whitening, beauty fixes to hair

 ·   Additional background blurring, changes to the background, or replacement of the background

 ·   Reduce & minimize glasses reflection, hot spots, etc.

  ·  Removal of extraneous items within the image*

 ·   Only $15 per image**


Once you have placed your order and paid, you will be contacted to confirm the image(s) you want retouched and the work you are requesting for each one.  Please provide as complete a list of the requested changes when ordering.  I try to get all retouches completed and back to you in 24 hours; however, in some cases it may take up to 4 days to complete the work.  


* Some items may not be able to be removed in a photo, because they may cause distortions within the image

** Price includes one revision to the requested changes in the original order.  Additional reworks and new retouching requests may incur an additional fee for that image.



Since photographs from portrait photography sessions are usually delivered electronically via download, state sales tax is not collected.  However, if you require physical products like thumb drives or receive printed photographs, California state sales tax is then applicable and calculated based on all fees/costs related to your portrait session.

There are no refunds for portrait retouching; however, Mark Edwards Photographer will work with you to explain ahead of time any issues with the corrections you order.  You are purchasing my time and expertise so there are no refunds once the photos are retouched. 

This rate is only for images that Mark Edwards Photographer has taken.  Please use the contact me page if you are inquiring about having photos retouched that were taken by other photographers.

Please read the FAQs & Terms and Conditions on the website prior to purchasing your session.  By purchasing your session, you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions on the website.